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'Twas the Night of Case Changes...

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  • 'Twas the Night of Case Changes...

    Twas the night of case changes, and all though the site
    Not a creature was stirring, not a Prodigal Mite.
    The mockers were waiting with all baited breath,
    In hopes of a witness that saw Lee's sad death.

    The Rhodes Trolls were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of championships danced in their heads.
    MizzouMock in his 'kerchief, and Lyons looking fab,
    Had just settled down from a regional's tab.

    When on there arose such a fuss,
    I refreshed the site, as I knew that I must.
    Off to the case manager, I flew like a flash,
    Typed in the login (is that a hyphen or a dash?)

    The change log at the top of the page let me know
    That case was released, and a reading I'd go.
    I loaded the doc, when what should appear,
    But some case law called Dawson, that mentioned a deer.

    I read all the changes; I read them quite quick,
    And by the time that I'd finished, I'd a case that would stick.
    More witnesses that ever, that's what AMTA said,
    And these are the one's I can name off my head:

    Now Neil Brown, Ana Brown, Ari Finch and Kait Beck.
    Bondo, Malkia Love, Casey French and Resnick.
    With no side constraints, no they all could be called,
    Nor priority either, rather PDPDPD for all!

    As in the times of Happyland, when the call's a surprise,
    So now it seemed that new witnesses would pass over our eyes.
    So dug into the statements, like I knew I must do,
    With a highlighter, legal pad, and of course a pen, too.

    And then, in a twinkling, I had in my head,
    A new theory of why Lee Allen was dead.
    As I read through the pages, looking up and down,
    I saw that where Lee was sharks could be found.

    Sharks I say! The smallest 10 foot,
    For Bondo would make Shark de Calamazoot.
    But that wasn't all, for I also did see
    That Casey French was taking the blame off of Lee.

    He'd eyed quite the storm, but continued the dive,
    And he said that if they'd stopped… Lee'd be alive.
    At least that's what one his affidavits said,
    But like plaintiff Lexington, he could be defense, instead.

    And last but not least, a change that challenged belief,
    The charge was now on Rodgers causing Andy's grief.
    He'd taken the air tank, that's what the complaint said,
    Stolen Lee's oxygen and left him for dead.

    Oh, Toby & Justin, I thought to myself,
    it's clear that the blame falls on Lee Allen himself.
    Unfortunately, being a fictional case,
    We must go defense, but then also switch place.

    With this in my mind, I thought for a bit,
    And realized that mock was something I'd never quit.
    I knew that in trial we'd come out on top,
    And thus the case work would never stop.

    And so with a smile, I went straight to work,
    Knowing that by suing Neptune, Andy was being a jerk.
    And so the lesson we learn, at least as it's said:
    Once you assume the risks, make sure you're not dead!
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    Ray Barr (the Amazing)
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    'Twas the Night of Case Changes...

    You know I'm a he, right?
    I post in my personal capacity, not on behalf of AMTA.


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      Originally posted by MizzouMock View Post
      You know I'm a he, right?
      My apologizes, I did not.
      Ray Barr (the Amazing)
      "Bow ties are cool."


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        Originally posted by MizzouMock View Post
        You know I'm a he, right?
        Hey guys, we can close Perjuries now.
        "I believe that, so long as there is plenty, poverty is evil." --RFK