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  • College Scam Indictment

    I know this channel is never used but holy shit if there's anything worth discussing it's this. Every single page of this gets crazier and crazier. What are your guy's thoughts on the general subject and the specifics of this case?

    Link to the indictment:

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    Wow never visited this area of Perjuries, but my thoughts:

    Honestly not THAT surprised? I suppose the way in which this is done took me by surprise (the fake athletes, sometimes the children not even knowing their SAT scores would later be doctored, etc). What I find most disturbing is how easy it is to bribe a collegiate coach (the Stanford sailing coach comes to mind). I'm not shocked that uber wealthy parents would do anything to get their children into elite schools, but mostly disappointed coaches were so slimy about how they handled it.


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      The whole thing is just infuriating on many levels. What's nuts is that this whole scheme is 95% for the benefit of the vanity of the parents and not really for their kids. Sure, a Yale or UCLA or whatever education is great, but it's not like these kids are going to be set back in life if they go to, say, the University of Missouri. The parents have enough wealth and connections to make other things happen for their kids (probably legally if not entirely ethically) after they graduate from whereever. It's not like big NYC law firm chairman dad guy is going to ask his golfing buddy to get a job or internship for his son/daughter and they're going to say "oh he went to a state school? lol sorry" Instead the parents just want to be able to say "Oh Brayden is going to USC in the fall." Barf.

      I post in my personal capacity, not on behalf of AMTA.


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        I agree that it's not entirely surprising that wealthy people would do something insidious to get their children into elite schools. Offering those bribes is disgusting. Yet I am more outraged by the people accepting the bribes. They are either in positions entrusted with safeguarding the admissions process or at the very least employees of institutions responsible for administering it fairly. By corrupting that system they serve to entrench class divisions and limit upward mobility for deserving people.