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  • Registration Deadline Approaching

    Just a friendy reminder that the AMTA registration deadline is this coming Sunday.

    AMTA will try to accept registrations after that date, but unless your form and your payment is received by the 15th, the odds are pretty good that you won't be able to get assigned to the closest regional (especially in the Northeast where space is tight). The deadline also applies to adding teams to an existing reservation, meaning that teams added late may be split from their previously registered colleagues and shipped further away.

    As of last Friday there were about 45 programs that competed in 05-06 that had not yet registered for this season.

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    Re: Registration Deadline Approaching

    I wanted to add that the 15th is also the deadline for getting a credit for any decrease in the number of regional teams.

    Also, as indicated on the registration form, even if a program is timely registered, if additional teams are registered after the 15th, they may be split from their timely registered companion teams and/or forced to travel.