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  • Case Corrections Coming Soon

    I understand there is broad interest and curiosity as to when the case corrections will be coming. So that Ms. Ewing can devote her time and energy to tasks other than responding to umpteen emails and phone calls asking when the corrections will be released (don't you people have school work to do, parties to go to, paint to watch dry?), let me say that we hope to release them next week, as early as Monday. Candidly, it depends on whether I can complete the final review this weekend. The committee has worked diligently the last couple months to review the case materials and identify any and all errors, typos, unintentional (including nonsensical) inconsistencies, and the like. The edits have been made and now just require a final read to ensure completeness and accuracy. Thank you all for bringing errors and the like to our attention. We have endeavored to catch and correct them all.

    Let me emphasize that the revisions are intended only as corrections. I don't want to debate the semantics of what is "substantive" and what is not. So let me explain that there will be no new witnesses, no new exhibits, and no new material facts or law. Now, that's not to say that the facts and law have escaped any edits; clearly they have not. But, the point is that the revisions are aimed at correcting dates, distances, gender neutrality, etc. and clarifying the legal claims and underlying law. I don't expect anyone will have to revamp their case, unless their case was centered on whether Pat Cross is 17 or 60 -- and if that's your case, well you've got bigger concerns than the nature of these corrections.

    Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend. And please give Ms. Ewing a break. While she is not one to complain and loves speaking to students and coaches, let's not overwhelm her with the same question a dozen times a day. Besides, asking when they're coming won't get them out any faster.

    Best wishes to you all on what looks to be another fantastic season.

    (pun intended)