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Regional Initial Thoughts: Week 1

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  • Regional Initial Thoughts: Week 1

    Please share your own thoughts below. This is meant to start a discussion, if you have seen a team and you think I am over or under valuing them let me know! Good luck with regionals! If you aren't on here, then prove me wrong! If you made my list, then prove me right! - MockAnalysisIsMyDrug

    Richmond: (23 teams) ‘The competition for third’ (avg. power rank: 218)
    - 4 teams in top 100, 7 in top 200

    First in:
    UVA A
    UVA B
    William and Mary A
    Johns Hopkins A
    Patrick Henry A
    Richmond B

    William and Mary B
    Maryland B
    Maryland C
    Richmond C
    Rutgers C
    Swarthmore A
    Patrick Henry D

    Initial Thoughts:
    The old UVA buzz saw regional. The defending national champs are looking as strong as ever and aren’t backing down, as I said, this will be a true competition for third place. But, that spot will be highly contested between Richmond, Maryland, William and Mary, Patrick Henry, and Johns Hopkins. All 5 of these programs have been steadily improving and are looking very strong. Since we have two teams from each of these programs in addition to UVA, it will definitely be tight to see which teams make the top 8. I have my largest doubts about Maryland at the moment; they have really been struggling in recent years – despite having 5 teams only one made it to ORCS last year. Don’t overlook a Rutgers or Swarthmore to possibly steal a spot from one of these teams either. I also know that I would love to see Davidson or Wake Forrest Mock Trial programs brush off the cobwebs and have a good showing.

    Team to Watch:
    Johns Hopkins - this program has been greatly improving over the recent years and this year we hope to see that continue. With Ayesha Durrani and co at the helm, they make for quite a formidable opponent, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make it to nationals this year. While their invitational performances have been fairly lackluster, I expect them to sort it out over the break and generate some solid performances come regionals. I expect them to be one of top 3 teams at this regional, and I wish I could be in the room to see them go against UVA.

    State College: (26 teams) ‘The predictable one’ (avg. power rank: 219)
    - 4 teams in top 100, 7 in top 200

    First in:
    Washington and Lee A
    Washington and Lee B
    NYU A
    George Washington B
    UPenn A

    UPenn B
    Penn State C
    Penn State D
    Rochester C

    Initial Thoughts:
    The top 6 teams here are all virtual locks to make it. NYU, GW, and Washington and Lee are all Nationals regulars and don’t seem like they are going to be stopped here. UPenn is always strong and I fully expect them to make it out of this region. The reality here is that the bottom teams are just so far removed from the top teams. The bubble here is very small. Rochester has been quite strong recently, particularly with their Nationals run last year, so I am giving their C team some cred. Penn State and UPenn both have strong enough programs that these bubble teams may end up challenging each other. But outside of these 10, I will be very pleasantly surprised to see one of these other teams challenge for a spot.

    Team to watch:
    NYU - yeah yeah, I know it is obvious, but this is the final year for the legendary Nick Ramos, and he deserves a shout out. NYU has already shown its ability at multiple impressive outings, including going 8-0 at Rutgers, 7-1 at Fordham, and 5-2-1 at CUBAIT. I expect NYU to make it back to nationals and take no prisoners along the way.

    Washington DC: (26 teams) “The bloodbath" (avg. power rank: 208)
    - 5 teams in top 100, 8 in top 200

    First in:
    Howard A
    Howard B
    Haverford A
    Rutgers A
    Fordham Rose Hill A
    Fordham Lincoln Center A
    Temple A
    Seton Hall A

    Georgetown C
    American C
    Fordham Rose Hill B
    Fordham Lincoln Center B
    Haverford B
    Drexel A
    Rutgers B
    Pace A

    Initial thoughts:
    This is easily the toughest region yet. Nobody is safe. There really aren’t many bottom teams here. Fordham Rose Hill, Haverford, and Pace have all been steadily improving over the last few years and are all looking to break. Seton Hall, Rutgers, and Fordham Lincoln Center have all made it to ORCS the past few years and we see no reason to expect anything different from them. Temple and Drexel have both had rough seasons after losing some of their seniors. Howard is probably the only safe pick in this region.

    Team to watch:
    Haverford College - led by the programs original founders Jordan McGuffee and Nick Barile, I fully expect this team to surprise a lot of people after their performance at Quaker Classic this year. The same squad that made it to ORCS two years ago is coming back with a vengeance after being denied last year. I expect them to actually be a top 3 team coming out of this region.
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    If people enjoy this, I will do more for the other weeks.