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  • Ridiculous Quotes (2017-2018)

    Now that the 2017-2018 season is over what were your funniest in round moments you saw?

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    "Please introduce yourself to the court"
    "Yarrr, the name is Jaime Morrison, Imm the captain of the S.S. Ford Escalade"
    ... this Morrison was also wearing an eye patch and a had a hook if memory serves.

    SAME TRIAL: (on longfellow)

    "Well, cell towers are a lot like bee hives. I am actually a bee keeper now." - proceeded to draw on a white board bees pollenating flowers and then saying: "thats how cell towers work."

    Hard to keep a straight face through those two witnesses.


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      High school mock trial:
      P Atty: Objection, Your Honor; this is hearsay.
      D Atty: Uhh... (struggling to think of response)
      D Witness (on witness stand): (stands up) Your Honor, may I respond?
      Judge: No, youíre a witness, in case you forgot. Please sit down.
      Entire Courtroom: (giggles)

      another gem:
      Our Atty: Exhibit 1 has already been submitted into evidence.
      Opposing Counsel (turned towards our atty): No, you didnít...
      Our Atty (facing towards OC): Your Honor, I literally submitted it into evidence, like, a second ago


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        At an invitational competition, our C Team Hendricks explained that each of the emojis in the Tender messages represented his love/fetish for Gordon Ramsey. Stuff like how the bomb represented Gordon's anger and short fuse. I wasn't there to see it myself, but apparently the other team had no idea how to respond to it and was unable to keep him constrained on cross which ended up hurting them. In the end our C Team won both ballots that round, despite most of us on the A and B teams not expecting them to win any at all.


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          Similar situation to shefram: watching homeschool mock trial, there's already been a few objections but all very poor when suddenly a reasonable hearsay objection...

          from a witness...

          who wasn't even testifying at the time...

          It was the first decent objection of the round. The poor judge looked pretty damn confused, but nobody said anything and eventually she shrugged and sustained it. The jury was rolling. Lotta gems in that round.
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            Cross of Longfellow on WiFi

            So Dylan Hendricks could've been in the Jaywood or as far away as China


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              Back in the fall, there was a contradiction where Nichols says they arrested Hendricks before the Uber receipt shows they were dropped off.

              "Detective, did you find any evidence in your investigation that Dylan Hendricks could teleport?"


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                Note: none of the names in this one are typos.

                [on redirect of Sam Mitchell, after a cross accusing Mitchell of being the one who attempted to murder Kerry]
                "Mr. Morrison, did you attempt to murder Dylan Hendricks?"

                "...No. That's my roommate."

                "No further questions."