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    If you had to make an all star line up this year (Plaintiff & Defense) Who would make the team?

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    Pick and choose any of:

    My team would probably look something like -

    Prosecution attorneys: Roytman (tOSU), Kunkel (Miami), Ramos (NYU)
    Prosecution witnesses: Chase(Yale), Burrell (Berkeley), Tunceli (UVA)

    Defense attorneys: Sommers (Columbia), Grandhi (UVA), Bays (Yale)
    Defense witnesses: Mendoza (Harvard), Cole (uChi), Clement (Rhodes)

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      Prosecution Attorneys:
      Sabrina Grandhi - UVA (open)
      Elizabeth Bays - Yale
      Nick Ramos - NYU (close)

      Prosecution Witnesses
      Party - Madeline Matthys (Duke) --> directed by Ramos
      Expert - Frank Piacenti (UVA) --> directed by Bays
      Character - Deniz Tunceli (UVA) --> directed by Grandhi

      Defense Attorneys
      Rachel Sommers - Columbia (open)
      Eric Roytman - Ohio State
      Sarah Stebbins - Georgia Tech (close)

      Defense Witnesses
      Party - Maria Mendoza (Harvard) --> directed by Roytman
      Expert - Lindsey China (NYU) --> directed by Sommers
      Character - Adam Chase (Yale) --> directed by Stebbins


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        Also I split them into the NBA style of end of the year All-Star teams.

        First All-Star Team Attorneys:
        Sabrina Grandhi (UVA)
        Jennifer Bitterly (Rhodes)
        Dani Kunkel (Miami)

        First All-Star Team Witnesses:
        Chloe Connolly (UCLA)
        Lindsey China (NYU)
        Maria Mendoza (Harvard)

        Second All-Star Team Attorneys:
        Sarah Stebbins (GT)
        Elizabeth Bays (Yale)
        Regina Campbell (Chicago)

        Second All-Star Team Witnesses:
        Key'Toya Burrell (Berkeley)
        Meredith Clement (Rhodes)
        Da'Rya McAllister (Miami)

        Honorable Mentions (Missed NCT):
        Attorney: Rachel Sommers (Columbia)
        Witness: Madeline Matthys (Duke) / Anna Mehrabyan (American)
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          one question. for this hypothetical mock trial team am i allowed to clone nick ramos?
          second question: (if yes) how many times am i allowed to clone nick ramos?