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    Hello Perjuries,

    We cannot thank all of you enough for what a vibrant community Perjuries has become again! Our most popular post, the ORCS Analysis has gotten over 11,000 views! Over 100 or so people joined perjuries in the past 5 months! So, with the end of the year wrapping up we are looking to open our group up a little wider and get some fresh new opinions in the mix! If you would like to join our group, help write posts, and just in general talk about Mock Trial waaaay too much, then please fill out the google form at the top of this post. We will review the applications and email you back if you have been accepted! The application period will be open for 2 weeks (June 13th, 2018) with decisions to come shortly after. Please email us at with any questions. We are looking forward to seeing what you all write, and again, thank you so much for your part in returning perjuries to its former glory!

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    Just want to bump this, one more week if you want to apply now is the time!


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      We are down to just two more days folks! We will not be reopening applications until next year, so this is the time! Best of luck and have a great summer.