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    Mock Trial Confessions is dead. Itís been in a slow, painful decline for several years but it seems to have finally kicked the bucket. After a respectful 6 months of mourning, itís time for a replacement.

    The Mock Tea will work on the same model as MTC, except we will actually update on a regular basis. Here is the submission form: All submissions (except spam, explicitly violent/pornographic postings, and cyberbullying) will be posted to this page:

    We promise at least one set of updates per week (as long as we have submissions) and most weeks there will be more.

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    Just please don't post garbage about dating teammates. That was practically all that got posted on MTC after a while, kind of like how the Memes page has nothing but jokes about chimpanzees and chicken wings now. Everything dies eventually I guess.


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      Nur Rauch you good?


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        Just pining for the days when you could come home, throw up your feet on the ottoman, and enjoy a classic mock trial related meme rather than a picture from a random fight scene in a movie with "Elias" and "Alex Grace" text slapped on the faces of the characters.


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          "The Mock Tea" is dead. Long live "Mock Trial Confessions but it actually updates"


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            Because two accounts were created at the same time, the creators of the Mock Tea have joined with the creators of "Mock Trial Confessions but it actually updates.Ē Posts will be on that page.