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    So my program enters raw ballot data into an excel spreadsheet for something called "score analysis." Basically, it takes the raw numbers and gives more useful feedback -- how competitors and teams did on average and how individuals scored on each piece of content compared to the median and mean score of the round. I know some other teams do this, and I was wondering how common it is and whether the details differ.

    Does your team use score analysis? What program does it run on? What metrics do you measure?

    I know around ten years ago perjuries collaborated on making a version of score analysis. It might be cool to collaborate on an update or share the best parts of several score analysis formats... comment if you're interested!

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    My team uses the program Mock Stats made by captainbowtie back when he was in undergrad (thanks for that btw). I know there's a version that runs separately but we use the excel version because it's useful for sharing scores with everyone. I like it a lot and have different versions for the program as a whole, indavidual teams, and indavidual tournaments. If we do an updated version it would be great to be able to differentiate between roles for people who double and to see where people fall within the curve of a particular judge's scoring.


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      Our program does something similar! We actually have role differentiation and something called "halfrange" that lets you see where you fall within the curve. It takes the halfway point of the judge's highest score for that round and the lowest score for that round and sees how far above or below that line you are. I find it useful but a lot of my team disagrees lol. We can only track individual tournaments though and don't have any versions to track our program as a whole or certain individuals though, those are super good ideas.


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        My program as well uses score analysis. The most interesting metric on the spreadsheet we use is the ballot relative scores, seeing which members of the program are bringing up or dragging down a round with their respective parts. Lately we've been talking about what makes score analysis most useful. In the past it has been locked behind closed doors with the coaches only having access to it, but lately we've been experimenting with different methods of publishing it to the program in a way that makes it beneficial to competitors, with mixed degrees of success.