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    I am wondering who people think the second set of 8 will be - please do not comment negatively about the already accepted members, they were accepted for a reason, don't be petty or sore.

    For reference:

    Last year's list: (Bold = 2019 competitor, Italics = current competitor not yet listed on 2019 field)
    • Deisy Abarca-Espirtu - Rochester
    • Elizabeth Bays - Yale
    • Chris Grant - Northwood
    • Katie Harper - NIU
    • Stephen Johnson - Cincinnati
    • Mike Kleynman - Rutgers
    • Dani Kunkel - Miami
    • Dylan McAuley - Richmond
    • Nick Ramos - NYU*
    • Eric Roytman - OSU
    • Jack Seigenthaler - Stanford
    • Rachel Sommers - Columbia
    • Zeke Starr - UT Chattanooga
    • Sarah Stebbins - Georgia Tech
    • Enrico Trevisani - Arizona
    • Deniz Tunceli - UVA

    This year's current list is:
    • Elizabeth Bays - Yale
    • Chris Grant - Northwood
    • Mike Kleynman - Rutgers
    • Jack Seigenthaler - Stanford
    • Sarah Stebbins - GT
    • Claudine Isaac - NYU (Meaning that Nick Ramos will not be returning to defend his sword)
    • Steven Torres - Cornell
    • Regina Campbell - Chicago

    For the next 8:

    Deisy Abarca Espiritu, Stephen Johnson, and Deniz Tunceli all made it last year and if they didn't make it in the first round, it seems like they either didn't apply yet or they are probably not doing it this year. It seems unlikely that if they re-applied they would be finalists considering they made it before, but in theory that is obviously a possibility.

    A couple names MockAnalysisIsMyDrug mentioned in their preseason post that aren't already on this list and don't have a teammate on the list are:
    • Christopher Baldacci - Patrick Henry
    • Mahmud Bari - OSU
    • Sabrina Grandhi - UVA (if Deniz doesn't return)
    • Maria Mendoza - Harvard
    • Heather Pincus - Wesleyan
    • Mary-Preston Austin - Wheaton
    • Dev Madeka - UC Irvine
    • Jonathan Kuang - UCLA
    • Tristan Malhotra - Duke
    • Matthew Broussard - Rhodes
    I don't want to assert anything myself. I just wanted to centralize this information. Who else should be added? There are 13 people that seem like they are people are community thinks are top competitors. There are a bunch more who have won awards this year (see Mock Analysis: Pre-Regionals Top Performers 2018-2019)!

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    One of the things I'll be most curious to see is who the competitor from UVA will end up being. Tuncelli did it last year but, as we all know, he is primarily known as a witness. Grandhi has been cleaning up with the awards so far this year and like the vast majority of the field, including the 8 who have already been confirmed, is primarily an attorney. The Cavaliers also have had three other competitors listed in the top performers list through the past two years - Dan Peale, Natalia Heguaburo, and Raahema Durrani. But with both Tuncelli and Grandhi in their senior years and being the final round veterans that they are, I think it will end up being one of them.