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  • Chicago Fire Individual Team Results

    GCF's bracket format is pretty cool - it values program depth and results from both A and B teams. But I'm sure some people are curious how the results would look if this was a standard AMTA tournament. Here they are:

    1. Cincinnati A (7-0-1)
    2. Michigan A (7-1-0)
    3. UGA A (6-2-0, 16 CS, +59 PD)
    4. Chicago A, (6-2-0, 16 CS, +56 PD)
    5. OSU B (6-2-0, 14 CS)
    6. OSU A (5-2-1)
    7. Northwestern A (5-3-0, 16 CS)
    8. Chicago C (5-3-0, 10 CS)

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    Though it's important to keep in mind that the bracket screws with pairings. If it had been run as a standard AMTA tournament, results would be different, if only slightly.


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      Looking over that Great Fire tab summary and (because I'm a giant nerd who likes running pairing combos to check tab rooms) I noticed that Chicago (the eventual winner) came out of their bracket from the first two days even though they were tied at 4.5 ballots and the head to head had been won by Cincinnati 2-1-1. I don't know what they use as the tie break and it's not on the tab summary. Does anyone here know what that was about?


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        NoRedirectNecessary After the first day, Chicago had a PD of +8, and Cincinnati had a PD of -10. That was probably the tie breaker.


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          I didn't think of that, I've heard a lot of invitationals do it different ways. That makes sense. Thanks!