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Fantasy Mock Trial 2019 ORCS Edition

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  • Fantasy Mock Trial 2019 ORCS Edition

    Welcome to the 2019 season of Fantasy Mock Trial! After taking a couple years off from doing this, I was inspired by MAIMD’s post last year to take it on again. Hopefully, given the reinvigorated online mock community over the past couple years, there will be some interest.

    Background (aka, badly written mock trial fan fiction. You can skip this part if you want to, but, honestly, why else do you even come to Perjuries?)

    On November 12, 2017, Danny Kosack received an insurance payment due to Elias passing away during a performance. The payment, $150,000, came too late to save his animal sanctuary. Undeterred, Kosack knew that if he invested the money, he could build an even better sanctuary. But how to invest it? Kosack had never had much of a head for business, and he didn’t trust the stock market ever since a series of bad investments in various Midlands companies (more specifically HappyLand Toy Company, Neptune Underwater Expeditions, RatcheterWorld, and AD Baker & Co.) had cost his parents their retirement. Then one day, while Kosack was complaining about his financial state to the one animal he’d been able to keep from his sanctuary (a parrot named Kennedy), the parrot something gamechanging:

    “First, anyone near the animal shouldn’t yell. Make orange cats known. Touching/reaching is always lethal.”

    “Yes, Kennedy, I know. That’s what I’ve trained you to say whenever we booked Elias. But he’s gone now, and it’s time to move on.”

    “First, anyone near the animal shouldn’t yell. Make orange cats known. Touching/reaching is always lethal,” the parrot repeated, this time heavily emphasizing the first letter of each word.

    “Hold on a minute,” said Kosack. “F-A-N-T-A-S-Y-M-O-C-K-T-R-I-A-L. Kennedy, you’re a genius! I’ll bet the insurance money in the fantasy mock trial league!”

    “Squawk! Danny’s coming back!”


    Go to this spreadsheet and select exactly 9 teams:

    In selecting the teams, observe the following constraints:

    1) You must choose one team from each ORCS (listed on the spreadsheet)

    2) You are limited to a budget of $150,000

    Once you have selected your teams, submit them to this form by 3 PM Central on March 8: (The form will go live once all open bids have been accepted. Any submissions made beforehand will not be recorded, as ORCS assignment/team prices may change until that time.) You are also encouraged (but not required) to post your team list here.


    1 point per ballot won by a team on your list + 2 points per NCT bid earned + 1 point per honorable mention + 1 point per SPAMTA.


    First Place: Nothing

    Second Place: Nothing

    Third Place: Nothing

    Fourth Place: Food Reward

    Fifth Place: Nothing

    Sixth Place: Nothing

    Seventh Place: Nothing

    Eighth Place: Food Reward


    I will be running another round for Nationals. There will be a discount for keeping teams from your ORCS roster, so choose accordingly.

    I have assigned each school’s A Team the record that resulted in that team having the higher cost (even where it was actually a lower team that had the better record).

    Ray Barr (the Amazing)
    "Bow ties are cool."

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    Yale B (Chestnut Hill), UCLA A (Santa Monica), Chicago A (Cedar Rapids), UPenn A (Richmond), University of Portland A (Decatur), Tennessee Chattanooga A (Memphis), Columbia University B (Central Islip), University of Dayton A (Hamilton), University of Arizona B (Geneva)

    Total Sum = $149,746.81


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      Am I blind, or are the teams who got bids from Colorado Springs missing from the form?


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        That's what I'm seeing too


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          I don't think Minneapolis is showing up either.


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            The form will be updated once all bids are handed out. I made it during round 4 of the Saint Paul regional, and rather than constantly updating it with teams, I’m going to update it once, when all bids have been assigned.
            Ray Barr (the Amazing)
            "Bow ties are cool."


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              I'll submit in the form once its final:

              Cedar Rapids: Chicago B 1617
              Central Islip: Juniata A 1020
              Geneva: Arizona B 1048
              Santa Monica: Oregon A 1470
              Chestnut Hill: Boston College A 1646
              Decatur: Florida A 1117
              Hamilton: Rochester A 1150
              Memphis: Millsaps A 1003
              Richmond: Fresno State B 1184

              Total: $149,688.43


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                Ceder Rapids - Northwestern B
                Central Islip - NYU B
                Chestnut - Wesleyan B
                Decatur - Georgia Tech B
                Geneva - Stanford B
                Hamilton - Miami U B
                Memphis - Tenn-Chat A
                Richmond - Liberty A
                Santa Monica - Washington A

                Total - 149,223.82


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                  I'll enter it once the form is ready

                  Cedar Rapids: $11,185.86 Washington University in St. Louis B 1124
                  Central Islip: $15,445.12 Columbia University B, 1269
                  Geneva: $15,892.30 Stanford University B 1040
                  Santa Monica: $20,827.37 University of California, Los Angeles A 1492
                  Chestnut Hill: $13,925.30 University of Massachusetts, Amherst A 1320
                  Decatur: $18,238.22 University of Florida B 1118
                  Hamilton: $16,347.58 Miami University B 1022
                  Memphis: $18,678.50 University of Tennessee, Chattanooga A 1274
                  Richmond: $19,076.08 University of Virginia B 1002

                  Total: $149,616.33


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                    Cedar Rapids: Carleton A - $16,580.40
                    Central Islip: Columbia A - $20,655.43
                    Geneva: Stanford A - $22,622.98
                    Santa Monica: Oregon B - $17,143.93
                    Chesnut Hill: Colby A - $12,220.97
                    Decatur: UofSC A - $12,499.36
                    Hamilton: Penn St. A - $25,171.96
                    Memphis: Alabama B - $16,488.62
                    Richmond: UVA B - $19,076.08
                    Total: $149,960.73


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                      I might be blind but I believe UMBC A is missing from the selections


                      • #12
                        Instead of pouring over the guidelines, Alex Grace was pouring herself another glass.
                        Cedar Rapids 1061 Carleton A $15,580.40
                        Central Islip 1588 Rutgers A $21,417.82
                        Chestnut Hill 1335 Colby College A $12,220.97
                        Decatur 1562 Flagler College A $9,766.76
                        Geneva 1016 Wheaton College A $22,507.49
                        Hamilton 1127 Hillsdale College B $10,986.93
                        Memphis 1171 University of Louisiana, Monroe A $17,437.74
                        Richmond 1419 Howard University B $17,242.26
                        Santa Monica 1518 University of California, Irvine B $21,256.06


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                          Prices are now final and the form is live. Thank you to those that pointed out mistakes I made in the spreadsheet. If you encounter any problems with the form, please let me know.
                          Ray Barr (the Amazing)
                          "Bow ties are cool."


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                            Best Way to Spend a Saturday
                            Cedar Rapids 1179 Minnesota A $20,697.14
                            Central Islip 1507 NYU B $15,849.97
                            Chestnut Hill 1489 Brown A $20,420.76
                            Decatur 1522 Emory B $16,338.26
                            Geneva 1017 Wheaton B $12,421.95
                            Hamilton 1397 Iowa B $11,740.15
                            Memphis 1173 Vanderbilt A $18,786.02
                            Richmond 1549 American A $18,027.11
                            Santa Monica 1341 Washington A $15,567.90
                            Total: $149,849.26
                            Ray Barr (the Amazing)
                            "Bow ties are cool."


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                              Middles Unite!
                              Cedar Rapids - Minnesota A ($20,697.14)

                              Central Islip - Stevenson A ($13,983.86)

                              Chestnut Hill - Vermont A ($14,592.38)

                              Decatur - Spelman A ($12,536.93)

                              Geneva - North Central A ($17,111.95)

                              Hamilton - Hillsdale B ($10,955.43)

                              Santa Monica - Fresno State A ($16,788.33)

                              Memphis - Millsaps A ($15,810.45)

                              Richmond - UVA A ($26,632.88)

                              Total: $149,109.35