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Final Round (Non-Yale Invention) Discussion

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  • Final Round (Non-Yale Invention) Discussion

    Watch the final round?
    Thoughts (not about whether or not Yale violated AMTA rules)?
    Best witnesses?
    Favorite moments?

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    Specifically, I'm curious how you all felt about them not using commentators for the final round stream this year. They've been doing this on and off for the last decade, personally I prefer it when they don't do commentary, but I can see why other people enjoy it. What do you guys think?


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      A lot of people are talking about the Rivers cross as being a strong spot for Rhodes. But I personally thought the cross of the defendant was Rhodes' strongest moment. McClain absolutely crucified her.

      The question she asked about Anderson's search history, I believe it was something like "the information on the lead poisoning was so easily accessible that you accidentally clicked on it?" just absolutely ruined any excuse Yale could really come up with for the defendant's ignorance. I was scoring along and that pretty much sealed a Rhodes victory on my ballot.