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  • 2019 All Americans

    Took a look at All-Americans based on team and this is how the list panned out:

    Teams with three All-Americans
    Emory University A (Attorneys: 36D Carolyn Koehnke, 31P John Merle, Witnesses: 38D Julia Logan)
    Patrick Henry (Attorneys: 31P Caleb Engle, Witnesses: 31P Kyle Ziemnick, 31D Benjamin Crosby)

    Teams with two All-Americans
    UCLA A (Attorneys: 35P Jonathan Kuang, Witnesses: 37P Gabriel Marquez)
    Cornell A (Attorneys: 33P Steven Torres, 31P Erik Szakiel)
    Georgetown (Attorneys: 31P Victoria Clark, Witnesses: 32D Brendan Ferguson)
    Northwood (Attorneys: 32P Chris Grant, Witnesses: 30P Simeon Lawrence)
    Rhodes A (Attorneys: 34D Daniel Elliott, 32P Kelsey McClain)
    University of Minnesota (Attorneys: 32P Bri Goodchild, Witnesses: 30P Joe Jackson
    Howard University (Witnesses: 33P Lundyn Davis, 32P Deonna Tate)

    Teams with one All-American
    Boston University (Attorneys: 32D Natalie Garson)
    Duke University (Attorneys: 33 P Tristan Malhotra)
    University of Chicago (Attorneys: 34P Regina Campbell)
    Ohio State A (Attorneys: 34D/32P Mahmud Bari)
    University of Rochester (Attorneys: 36D Samantha Myers)
    Georgia Tech (Witnesses: 30P Harsha Sridhar)
    Tufts University (Witnesses: 31P Arvind Goday)
    Northwestern University (Witnesses: 32P Olivia O'Brien)
    Wesleyan University A (Witnesses: 32D Fitzroy Wickham)
    University of North Carolina (Witnesses: 32D Madux Price)
    Pennsylvania State University (Attorneys: 32 D Sangeetha Kannan)
    University of California, Berkley (Attorneys: 33P Fatima Hasanian)
    Yale University (Attorneys: 33D Elizabeth Bays)
    UMBC (Attorneys: 34D Sydney Gaskins)
    Stanford University (Attorneys: 37P Jack Seigenthaler)
    University of Cincinnati (Attorneys: 39P Stephen Johnson)
    Wesleyan University A (Witnesses: 31D Kathryn Machanic)
    Cornell College (Witnesses: 33D Austen Raamot)
    Rhodes College B (Witnesses: 34P Connor Hurley)
    Miami University A (Witnesses: 34D Spencer Campbell)
    Ohio State B (Witnesses: 36P Julia Cash)
    University of South Carolina (Witnesses: 36P Hannah Perala)

    Emory and Patrick Henry seem like the biggest surprises, both having three All-Americans. Also surprised not to see more of the "big names" like Stebbins on this list. Are there any other notable exceptions this year?