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    Hello to everyone here at Perjuries. I was wondering if any of you had videos of rounds from recent years that you could share with me. I know there are national championship DVDs on the AMTA website but the paywall makes it incredibly difficult for me to get those. I am a high school student so I would not be sharing it with any college team or using it against any of the teams displayed in the videos. Thanks.

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    I'm sure if you search "college mock trial" in youtube you'll find some clips from rounds, but if you've done high school mock trial, the rounds will look somewhat similar. No pretrial, only three witnesses, but its still the same concept of opening statements, closing arguments, directs and crosses. The differences in college mock trial lies mostly in preparation since you choose your call order (its not just given to you) and there are swing witnesses.


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      There's a number of rounds of varying quality on Youtube (possibly inadvertently if that affects your moral calculation). Youtube search AMTA mock trial and you'll get a fair number of filmed rounds of varying quality. If you're in high school it might be worth looking up invitational tournaments in your area and going and watching a high paired round 3 or 4.