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A UK Law School has Registered for Regionals

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  • A UK Law School has Registered for Regionals

    Team 1097 De Montfort University Law School. Color coded as a first year school.

    Google says "De Montfort University is a public university in the city of Leicester, England."

    I have no idea if this covered by the current rules, but thought it was interesting enough to make a post and point it out. Thoughts?

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    There is a rule that says you are not eligible as a student if you have enrolled in a law school class, but it is okay if the law school class is only for undergraduate studies. I mean, AMTA must have looked this over before accepting their money and issuing them a team number?


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      I have no idea. But the British accents have to give some sort of implicit advantage right? Everything just sounds more intelligent and interesting.

      Also noticed another new team. Team 1199 University of Toronto A. Another international team. Not sure if AMTA has accepted international teams before, I at least haven't seen it before.


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        A couple of theories here. 1. There is some type of study abroad program in the US for those schools (more important for the UK school than Toronto but I digress). 2. They aren't actually going to compete and merely wanted the AMTA case for their own educational purposes.

        Would love to see a passport only invitational pop-up either in Canada or the UK.


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          I confess that I've been wondering about this for weeks. I think that it makes sense for them to pay for access to the case for educational purposes, but why would AMTA give them a team number if not to compete?


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            Per the University of Toronto's pre-law website, "Starting in 2019-2020, we will be holding try-outs for a Mock Trial team. The Mock Trial Program will then train and prepare this team to compete at other undergraduate Mock Trials both nationally and internationally."

            Sounds like they are serious about competing and could be a dark horse in that Buffalo Regional.