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    Dearest Perjuries Readers,

    Iíve been away for some time now on a soul-searching journey. When we last spoke I was handing out my year-end hardware. What was taken as ďlazyĒ and ďeffortlessĒ was a bit disheartening. Somewhat because I put work into things and like anyone, doesnít like her work being mocked. However, the main reason this was all disheartening was that I felt the focus had shifted from the people in the post to the poster. Thatís just silly. You people spent more time debating my merits than the merits of my post. It was made abundantly clear that the post seemed redundant, but no one really argued that it was wrong. Either way, I spent a lot of time thinking about if I wanted to keep doing this or not. There have been a lot of fill-ins and attempts in my absence, but none felt very satisfying. That doesnít mean this will be satisfying either. After a lot of thinking, I have decided to return.

    But this is not going to be some half-assed return. This will be a full reboot of Prodigal Daughter; back to the posts you used to love and respect. Like with that Spiderman movie, you canít reboot so close to the last one unless you really make it stand out. So, here is how this is going to work. Iíll be posting a trilogy, if you will. The first will come around December 25th (like a holiday gift for you addicts). One before ORCs. And the final post before NCT.

    The Reboot Post: In order to keep things fresh and you all not feel like Iím on rinse-wash-repeat, this post is designed to be a rankings of the top teams as of today. I decided part of the problem last year was that my rankings were always focused on how I thought things would turn out at the end of the year. As such, UCLA always remained 1 because I thought they would repeat. But when they were not stacked and struggled in the fall, my rankings didnít reflect that. I justified all of this by saying ďIím projecting to the end of the year.Ē Instead, this ranking is designed to reflect the state of things based on what we have seen thus far. I will say that a lot of teams do not stack in the fall and stack to start January, so this post does have some ďprojectingĒ in it, but that projecting is based on results more than just wild guessing. Similarly, my individual rankings are also based on where people are right now, not where I think they will be at in the future. At the end of January, I will add my regionals predictions onto this post, but there will be no updated rankings or any analysis; just the predictions.

    The Sequel: The Pre-ORC post will be the sequel to this reboot. In order to keep things fresh and not give you the same format, I will not do a single set of rankings. Instead, I will go through each of the ORCs, examine the teams and competitors, and make my predictions. I will do my best not to compare teams that are not the same ORC, this way the analysis is relevant and responsive; it should also help reduce redundancy.

    The Epic Conclusion: The Pre-NCT post will be like years past and feature in-depth analysis of the two divisions. Once again, there will be no aggregate list, but instead Iíll focus on the teams within each division. I will do my year-end awards, but instead of making a separate and drawn out post, Iíll merely update my NCT post with those awards about a week or two after the tournament. Since those awards are, in their very nature, a partial re-hash of what I will have already said, Iíll focus on keeping them short. I would get rid of them since they seem fairly unpopular, but I think itís a nice way to recognize a few people at the end of the year.

    Though not publicly, I have been around this year. Iíve been watching and observing. Iíve already started (and made significant progress) on my gathering of data. Everyone knows that for the reboot to work you need a better script, better cast, and better special effects. I promise to write you the best script I can. Please help me by providing me a cast and special effects to work with (by this, I mean teams and people). I am also, finally, including some type of section, shout-out, or something to the schools that are traditionally left out of this type of stuff. Some damn good mockers come from those schools and we always hear about the same people. So, be sure to nominate them.

    Perhaps my time has run its course; perhaps not. I guess we will see. I am going to give this everything I can. With your help, this can return to a ranking-post everyone can enjoy.

    Girls do want to have fun, and this used to be fun. It will be again.

    Prodigal Daughter

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    Less than a month until the first set of rankings are released. There have been several big tournaments, but I've heard very little from around the country. Start submitting rankings and information.


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        I'm totally down with a late Christmas present though...


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          I decided to do the first rankings at the same time I did regional predictions. This way I would be able to factor in tournaments like Downtown into my rankings. The rankings will go up Friday. You all have until then to send final thoughts, information, and rankings.


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            Only about 48 hours left to send me your thoughts.


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              Last day for thoughts.


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                Watch out for Suffolk.
                Mock Trial with J. Reinhold! Mock Trial! Mock Trial with J. Reinhold!


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                  David and Goliath.

                  With their fierce presence and outstanding prior performances, Harvard was considered to be the Goliath of the American Mock Trial Association...

                  The Suffolk University Mock Trial Team fought long and hard during the trial, having their backs against the wall the entire time. The trial resulted in a tie on one judges’ ballot and Suffolk lost by only one point on another ballot. ... David had brought down the mighty Goliath. Sorry Harvard, maybe next year.
                  Yeah. You hear that Goliath? You only beat David by a little bit at the regional that you still made it out of before placing top 10 at nationals. Better luck next year.
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                    Yeah. You hear that Goliath? You only beat David by a little bit at the regional that you still made it out of before placing top 10 at nationals. Better luck next year.
                    I'm not sure how that article is relevant to this thread really... but someone pointed out somewhere else that one reason programs might care about winning invitationals is because it helps develop the program in the long run. Suffolk gave Harvard a good round, they have every right to be proud of that. Sure, the author of that piece is playing it up for the school newspaper, but we submit out victories to our school's daily newsletter as well. When a school has a successful sports program, the program gets more money, more recruits, and more people watch the games. Suffolk tying Harvard on a ballot will give them the same kind of boost as a program - more money from the school (if they even get any), potential academic credit for the participants, and more people joining the Mock Trial team there. I don't think the article is designed to be a dig at Harvard.

                    That said, I'm looking forward to the PD rankings and regional competition this weekend.
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                      So in conclusion, watch out for Suffolk.


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                        I'm totally down with a late Christmas present though... The hit FX drama Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 DVD has just wrapped up its fifth season with the series’ most-watched finale


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                          Originally posted by Nur Rauch View Post
                          David and Goliath.

                          Yeah. You hear that Goliath? You only beat David by a little bit at the regional that you still made it out of before placing top 10 at nationals. Better luck next year.
                          Hey I like Suffolk as a wildcard too. You're a real charmer. Did you do well in undergrad mock trial or something?
                          Why does Casey French always end up in the wrong place at the wrong time?