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The Perj League: Mock Trial Fantasy 2016 -- In Which Covington Wins Big (ORCS)

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  • The Perj League: Mock Trial Fantasy 2016 -- In Which Covington Wins Big (ORCS)

    Come right in, Mr. Covington; so glad you could make it to our meeting today. I’m delighted to have have the opportunity to speak with you about my casino proposal. We’re very excited about the prospect of expanding into a second casino. Given the success the Black Bear has had, I truly believe building a new casino where the Hampton Hotel used to be would help to revitalize Freeport’s economy. Plus, we’ve come up with a new featured game that I think will serve as the central feature of the casino.

    What game you ask? Why, Fantasy Mock Trial, of course! Perhaps, you’ve heard of it? Or maybe you’d like to give it a try? I tell you what, here are $250,000 worth of fantasy mock trial chips, and I’ll get you a copy of the rules. You could win big, and after all, we want to make sure everyone is happy, especially you. We’ve got this beautiful briefcase for you if you win.

    Go this spreadsheet and select exactly 8 teams.
    In selecting your teams, you must observe the following constraints:
    1. Spend no more than $250,000.
    2. Max of 2 teams from the same ORCS.
    3. If you select an A team, you must select a B team. In other words, unless you select all teams that have only 1 bid, you must select at least 1 B team.
    4. Only 1 team per school. You cannot have Midlands State A and Midlands State B.

    Once you have selected your teams, submit you selection to the Google form below. I also encourage you to post them on Perjuries so others can see your selection, but if you wish have your selection remain secret you may do so. However, you must submit your team selection to the Google form. Selections posted only on Perjuries and not to the form are not eligible for the fantastic prize. Submissions are due by noon on Friday, March 11th, Central Time.

    Wins, Ties, and CS:
    Points = (Wins+.5*Ties)*(.75+.5(TeamCS/AvgCS))
    2 Points for bid to NCT
    1 Point for Honorable Mention
    1 Point for SPAMTA
    Fantasy Mock Trial Reference:
    10 Points if you can prove (via round footage) that your team argued in the round that Covington won the money he deposited in a fantasy mock trial casino game.

    The fantasy team with the most points wins a dingy old briefcase, which contains either $250,000 or a cologne stain (hint: it doesn’t contain $250,000). Winner pays shipping & handling unless you live in Minneapolis or Des Moines.

    NCT Fantasy Mock Trial:
    Bear in mind when picking your teams that as with last year, there will be a discount on teams for the NCT Fantasy Mock Trial league if you carry over your ORCS teams. Though the discount won’t be quite as large (50% off gave people, including myself, an unduly large advantage), there is an incentive to pick teams that you believe will do well at both levels of competition. If you have any questions, post them below or PM me and I'll do my best to answer them.
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    Ray Barr (the Amazing)
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    Promissory Estoppel: The Most Seductive of Doctrines
    1. 1046 Drake (St. Paul) $39,466.82
    2. 1541 Florida State B (Decatur) $26,149.89
    3. 1128 Pittsburgh A (Lancaster) $29,814.24
    4. 1513 Chicago A (St. Paul) $49,733.14
    5. 1637 UC Santa Barbara B (Santa Monica) $21,094.12
    6. 1478 Wheaton B (Geneva) $22,502.23
    7. 1559 New Mexico (Santa Monica) $30,261.93
    8. 1287 Princeton (Washington, DC) $30,595.55

    Total: $249,617.92
    Ray Barr (the Amazing)
    "Bow ties are cool."


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      The Wingert Witty Wombats

      Kansas A

      Yale B $47,685.56
      Cornell A $35,067.02
      Princeton $30,595.55
      Wash U $29,265.27
      UC Santa Barbara B $21,094.12
      Georgetown B $24,957.74
      Wheaton B $22,502.23
      [TD="align: right"]$249,924.28


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        The Tort-nadoes
        1. 1046 Drake (St. Paul) $39,466.82

        2. 1471 University of Texas, Austin A (Memphis) $35,842.67
        3. 1216 Hamilton (Lancaster) $34,562.31
        4. 1158 Cal Davis (Santa Monica) $30,985.85
        5. 1384 Emory (Decatur) $30,190.36
        6. 1324 U.C. San Diego A (Santa Monica) $27,829.69
        7. 1541 Florida State B (Decatur) $26,149.89
        8. 1373 Haverford (Wilmington) $24,864.95

        TOTAL: $249,892.54


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          You Meddling Kids

          1. 1514 Chicago B (St. Paul) $41,441.74
          2. 1338 Alabama at Birmingham (Decatur) $23,036.65
          3. 1571 Georgia A (Decatur) $41,059.16
          4. 1449 Arizona B (Santa Monica) $25,116.39
          5. 1022 Columbia B (Washington, DC) $25,780.10
          6. 1060 Tufts A (Wilmington) $35,507.31
          7. 1010 Maryland College Park B (Washington, DC) $29,102.73
          8. 1408 Tennessee A (Memphis) $28,583.41

          Total: $249,627.49


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            Hey I just wanted to offer a quick correction. Iowa's A team (1460) was the team at Kansas City. 1461, the B team was the team at St. Louis.


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              Heads up OP - you actually switched Columbia A and Columbia B around. Columbia A went 5-3 while Columbia B went 6-2. I'm guessing, then, that some of the other numbers are switched around too.


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                Yeah, American A and B are also reversed. It's AU B (1569) that went 8-0 at regionals. AU A (1568) went 5-3.


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                  Those switches are purposeful; I gave the program's A team the best record of all the program's teams, even if it was actually a lower team that had the best record. For example, Chicago earned 4 bids, but it was their B and D teams that had the best record. Rather than trying to figure out how to properly allocate those 4 records (keep the B team on the B team and move the D team record to the A team record? And then which which of those teams gets the higher power ranking value?) if a program had multiple bids, I have their top team the top record.
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                  Ray Barr (the Amazing)
                  "Bow ties are cool."


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                    Your Stupid Dog:

                    1. Georgia A Decatur 41,059.16
                    2. Chicago B St. Paul 41,441.74
                    3. UVA B Washington D.C. 26,770.63
                    4. Wheaton B Geneva 22,502.23
                    5. Northwestern St. Paul 36,321.87
                    6. Northern Illinois Geneva 30,166.10
                    7. New Mexico Santa Monica 30,261.93
                    8. Fordham at Rose Hill Washington D.C. 21,405.25
                    Total: 249,928.91


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                      Mockers of the World Unite

                      1. 1478 Wheaton B (Geneva) $22,502.23
                      2. 1160 Macalaster (St. Paul) $30,183.27
                      3. 1524 NYU B (Lancaster) $35,482.85
                      4. 1405 Ohio State A (Lancaster) $35,983.32
                      5. 1514 Chicago B (St. Paul) $41,441.74
                      6. 1572 Georgia B (Decatur) $28,154.56
                      7. 1331 UCLA B (Santa Monica) $42,269.43
                      8. 1425 Harvard (Wilmington) $41,721.93


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                        Just want to clarify the A team/B team rule. If I select 3 A teams, do I need to also select 3 B teams? Or would I be covered by just selecting 1 B team?


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                          Originally posted by snooplionz View Post
                          Just want to clarify the A team/B team rule. If I select 3 A teams, do I need to also select 3 B teams? Or would I be covered by just selecting 1 B team?
                          You would be covered by just selecting 1 B team.
                          Ray Barr (the Amazing)
                          "Bow ties are cool."


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                            Go Team

                            1. Baylor $38,212.88
                            2. UCSD A $27,829.69
                            3. Georgia B $28,154.56
                            4. UVA B $26,770.63
                            5. UCSB A $25,280.26
                            6. Iona $25,707.73
                            7. Delaware $34,666.70
                            8. Harvard $41,721.93


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                              There were twelve individuals that submitted fantasy teams at the ORCS level. In a pleasant up turn this year, only one of those individuals didn't follow the rules and selected teams worth more than $250,000. Of the eleven remaining submissions pretty wide spread of points. However, there was one clear winner, Karl Mocks' "Your Stupid Dog" with 62.27 points. If you actually want a badly damaged briefcase, message me and I can arrange shipping. Second and third place were "Ram Fans" (58.38 points) and "SPAMTA + Honorable Mention Collective" (56.08 points), respectively.

                              Once again I learned this year than even given two weeks, it takes a consumer level computer longer than I had to get through all the possible team combinations (maybe someday I'll find a way to better optimize the code), but it appears that a score of 80.1 was at least possible:

                              Team School Name Cost W L T CS Points
                              1001 Brown A $36,774.95 4 3 1 12 6.025
                              1006 Cornell A $35,067.02 7 1 0 18 11.1875
                              1036 UVA B $26,770.63 7 1 0 15 10.53125
                              1185 Carthage $25,742.54 7 1 0 14.5 10.421875
                              1210 Stanford $33,133.87 7 1 0 16.5 10.859375
                              1213 Boston University B $34,708.74 8 0 0 10.5 10.625
                              1478 Wheaton B $22,502.23 6 2 0 14 9.125
                              1480 Duke A $34,973.70 7 1 0 18.5 11.296875
                              Totals $249,673.68 80.109375
                              Nationals fantasy league will be up in the next couple of days.
                              Ray Barr (the Amazing)
                              "Bow ties are cool."