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2016 NCT Seeding

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  • 2016 NCT Seeding


    A season rich with shock, scandal, and shit-talking is about to reach its thrilling conclusion.

    In the spirit of March Madness (or, I guess in our case April Anarchy), I crunched some numbers and put together some statistics for each of the two divisions that were just released. I, maybe, should be writing a few papers, or studying for a couple tests, but I couldn't help myself.

    Each division has been seeded according to the same method that AMTA uses for their TPR. The only difference is that this has been updated to reflect each team's performance at this year's ORCS. That is, I used AMTA's "5 3 1 Sum" to weight performance as follows:

    2016 NCT wins: 5x (N/A)
    2016 ORCS wins: 2.5x

    2015 NCT wins: 3x
    2015 ORCS wins: 1.5x

    2014 NCT wins: 1x
    2014 ORCS wins: 0.5x

    The total score for each team is listed under "PTS". To its right, in order, is the team's ranking over both divisions and how much that ranking changed from the beginning of the season (which AMTA lists as their current TPR) to post-ORCS.

    I also included each team's total record, point differential, and average CS from Regionals to ORCS, as well as 1-2 "notable rounds" that each team had. The definition of "notable" is subject to interpretation. I included whether a team knocked out, or was knocked out by, another team in the final round of ORCS, and I also threw in whether a team won/lost a majority of the ballots or split the round. I prioritized matchups here that involved another Greenville-bound team, and, for those that did, the teams were prefaced with their respective seeds. Just because, I also broke down each team's record into stats for prosecution and defense.

    For now, this is all I've put together. Time permitting, I might release an analysis on strength of schedule and use it to make a Power Ranking.


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    Note: "RK" and "TREND" do not take into account teams that did not make it to the NCT, regardless of whether their own updated TPR would have been higher than another team's that moved on.