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Allen v. Neptune party

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  • Allen v. Neptune party

    I just found the facebook event page for a mock trial party our team had two years ago, and thought I'd share the party description with other people who might find it kinda entertaining.

    Come celebrate the life and death of Lee Allen, explore the Hepburn, and be part of the mystery... and the history! Dress in proper funeral attire, scuba gear, or your best reckless CEO suit and tie! Be part of the party of a lifetime!

    Is it safe?
    At 5010 8th ave, this party is going to be pretty low-key. We only accept those with advanced open mocking certification (we won't actually check for it though, don't worry). Please, no drinking and diving. If you're worried about getting home safely, you're welcome to crash on our couches, though the sleeping quarters are off limits for this dive.

    How much does it cost?
    $0 per person. We know that's not steep. But if you want to bring your own drinks, games to play, snacks to share (Chef Bondo has the night off), etc. no one will object.

    How does the party work?
    We always use the time-tested hanging out with your buddies system. Each mocker will show up, hang out, talk, and generally just have a good time. An attorney, a convicted felon, a CEO, a hydrophobic water sports expert, an oceanographer, a recreational diver, a timekeeper, a coast guard officer, a dive leader, or a "doctor who dives" is always nearby to ensure your safety and fun- the two core principles of our company.

    When can I go?
    The gathering will start around 10pm and last until all cylinders and backups are empty. Everyone will be out of the water by 11am.

    Pursuant to Davis v. Happyland, a spouse or personal representative is considered a party member, so bring a plus one if they don't mind hearing a lot about mock trial, ocean currents, liability releases, nitrogen narcosis, and/or scuba diving!

    Of course, if you want a raincheck, we'll give it to you, no questions asked. But it would be great to have as many people from the program together as possible, and we haven't had any full team get-togethers outside of being at tournaments, where we're too busy and stressed to really hang out/bond/whatever. So go ahead, join the group and leave your objection battle preparations at the port in Miami- this is your dream mock trial gathering.

    No diving experience or proof of good health necessary!

    saturday february 2nd
    5010 8th ave
    snacks, drinks, etc. welcome, but not required

    We did some decoration in the theme of the Hepburn as well. Here's the front porch, with an orange rope leading into the house:

    and a dive slate on the front door welcoming people in:

    Meant to do a State v. Bowman party too, with big plans for lights going on/off throughout the party, dinosaur decorations, fake bracelets being issued upon arrival, etc., but we never got around to it. Maybe the team will have a Park v. Duran party this year! (Hopefully without any accidental shootings though...)