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2014 UCLAssic Results

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  • 2014 UCLAssic Results

    Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this tournament possible. Special congratulations to our 2014 UCLAssic champions, Vanderbilt University!

    This is an incomplete list of results. I'll edit this post to include individual award winners later.

    Top Teams:
    1st Place: Vanderbilt University (7-1, CS 17.5)
    2nd Place: UCLA A (7-1, CS 15.5)
    3rd Place: Pomona College A (6-1-1)
    4th Place: UC Irvine A (6-2, CS 18)
    5th Place: UCLA B (6-2, CS 17)
    6th Place: University of Arizona B (6-2, CS 10.5)
    7th Place: Columbia A (5-3, CS 22.5)
    8th Place: Elon A (5-3, CS 18)
    9th Place: Columbia B (5-3, CS 17.5)
    10th Place: University of Arizona A (5-3, CS 17)

    UCLAssic Class Act Award:
    1st Place: UC Santa Cruz, Ambush Bug (28/30 Ranks)
    2nd Place: UCLA A, Agent Liberty (28/30 Ranks)

    Outstanding Attorneys:
    20 ranks Δ Winston Chang, UCLA B
    20 ranks Δ Iain Gabriel Lampert, UCLA A
    19 ranks π Mitchell Diesko, USC A
    19 ranks π Adrienne Isaacson, Columbia A
    19 ranks π Pablo Wudka-Robles, Stanford A
    18 ranks Δ Sam Adkisson, Vanderbilt A
    18 ranks Δ Callie Christian, Kennesaw State A
    18 ranks π Aisling Kelly, Cal Poly Pomona A
    18 ranks Δ Chelsea Norman, Arizona B
    18 ranks Δ Brett Russell, UC Santa Barbara A

    Outstanding Witnesses:
    20 ranks π Callie Davidson, UCLA B
    20 ranks π Robert Stosick, UC Santa Barbara B
    19 ranks π Roberta Dousa, UC Berkeley A
    19 ranks Δ Baron Smith, Elon A
    18 ranks π Shannon Cheng, USC A
    18 ranks π Tim Hooyenga, UCLA A
    18 ranks π Kyra Sampson, Columbia B
    18 ranks π Elizabeth Smiley, Arizona A
    17 ranks π Hailey Bonds, Fresno State A
    17 ranks π Simone Brooks, Washington Univ. in St. Louis A
    17 ranks π Tim Chid, UC Davis A
    17 ranks π Nate Ferraco, Cal Poly Pomona A
    17 ranks π PJ Jong, UC Irvine A
    17 ranks π Abigail Liles, Pomona College A
    17 ranks π Narke Norton, University of Georgia A

    Check out the full tab summary by clicking on Vanderbilt University (under PAST WINNERS) here:!tournament/cpk2
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    Vandy would like to thank Iain and the rest of UCLA for being great hosts and doing a wonderful job handling such a big tournament. Also thanks to Cal, Denver, Irvine, and UCLA for the great rounds.


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      Elon being codenamed Elongated Man is probably the greatest tournament euphemism ever.


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        Updated with a link to the full tab summary!