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  • 2019 NCT-Philadelphia

    As you may have heard, AMTA's 2019 NCT will be held in Philadelphia, PA from April 5-7. The planning committee is already hard at work raising money and organizing a first-rate event to celebrate AMTA's top teams. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the things that make tournaments extra-special: larger judging panels, speakers, social events, keepsakes, CLE for judges, etc., etc. Tell us what you want and we'll do our best to make it happen!

    Best wishes,
    Grant Keener
    2019 NCT Planning Committee

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    Hey Grant, thanks for hosting. We appreciate all the work that has gone and will go into this.

    Re: keepsakes, I have a cabinet full of tumblers from the D.C nats, a sack of unworn flipflops from last year, and countless tshirts, keychains, and other trinkets that my students did not want and so I got saddled with them. Be wise with how you spend your money; maybe my kids are just unusually unsentimental, but I think the funds to manufacture trinkets like that would be better directed towards the event itself.

    ​​​Also not a fan of CLE judging pools. I get it, snagging that many judges is a Herculean effort, so do what you've got to do, but I think some other invite hosts would tell you that offering CLE increases the number of judges who don't give a crap and are just there to hit their hours.

    ​​​The innocence project speaker from Cincinnati's closing ceremonies and the public defenders speaker last year were both phenomenal and the type of content that our students should be exposed to. Striking a totally different note, the Elvis impersonator plus casual bbq mingling environment from Memphis was also a great way to cap off the tournament.

    As a host, if you can help coordinate scrimmages by offering up some rooms somewhere on Thursday and Friday before nats, that's always much appreciated. I know you've got a lot on your plate so this one's not a priority, but it's nice to have.

    ​Also, do you have plans to do anything interesting re: the final round? Celeb judge, alum judge panel, broadcasting the round, etc? Those were all fun ideas that made some of the last few years really memorable. I know Beach Party considered (can't remember if they actually did it or not) a few years ago giving the judges iPads and having the scoresheets mocked up on each one, with a live sync into the tab room, so tab/ the audience could watch the round scoring in real time.


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      Thanks for these thoughts and for taking the time to write. They are very helpful. I especially appreciate the reminder about scrimmage rooms! Who is this, by the way?


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        "I have a cabinet full of tumblers from the D.C nats"


        Ah well. I hope someone enjoyed them, and they were remarkably affordable.

        Hi Grant, if the name didn't drop the hint, this is Sarah. Good luck with hosting! It's a huge undertaking, but I'm sure you'll do an amazing job.


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          Thanks, Sarah! Your DC tournament was incredible. I'm sure I'll be calling you and Toby with questions!


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            I should've been clear, I like them personally, that's why they're in my cabinet and not in a box in my garage I think I just could not find a lot of takers in particular because they were breakable (so, hard to distribute during the tournament itself - couple broke on plane ride home) and they said they'd grab them later and just never did.

            I'd like to keep my internet anonymity if that's ok, but will say I'm a longtime coach with an appreciation for the work the board does.


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              No worries. I'm sorry they broke, and you're right that distribution was a bit of a PITA. Simplify, simplify, simplify!


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                Hi Grant, are you hosting the tournament by yourself, or together with Drexel? I ask because I'm curious if Drexel will be able to earn the direct bid to NCT out of regionals next year.

                A​​​​lso will all of the NCT rounds take place in a courthouse?


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                  I am chairing the host committee, which includes individuals from a number of schools. We have not yet decided which school, if any, will be the host for purposes of the "World Cup" bid. As a point of clarification, the direct bid is from ORCS, not regionals, and only applies to a school's first team. In other words, the team must earn a direct bid to ORCS before the World Cup rule applies. If a school earns a bid from ORCS to the NCT, the World Cup rule does not give the school a second NCT team.


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                    ...with regard to the trials, all rounds except the Championship trial will be held at the Criminal Justice Center (1301 Filbert). The Championship trial will be held at Drexel's new Thomas Kline Advocacy Center at 12th and Chestnut.