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    Here are some questions I received via email (some are paraphrased).

    What is the tournament schedule?
    Will you release the tournament rules?
    How do pairings work?
    Here is a link to the Google Drive where we are placing all tournament information. It includes the Rulebook, Tournament Guide, and courtesy copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence. That's also where we will place the case materials once they are released.

    I invite everyone to review the Rulebook any email me any questions or proposed changes by May 31. It'ís very similar to the Rulebook Ií've used at Gladiator for three years, but we are always looking to make improvements.

    The Tournament Guide contains the schedule, key locations, and other logistical information.

    What does the ballot look like?
    There is a copy of the ballot at the end of the Rulebook. All scoring is head-to-head. Judges give one check mark per category.

    Two comments about the ballot: First, we give credit to Baylor Law School, which created a similar ballot for Top Gun.

    Second, I can answer the question I am sure we will receive: Why did you choose this ballot? We think this ballot facilitates the head-to-head scoring system at the heart of Trial by Combat; itís all about differentiation. This ballot also allows a single moment in trial to have greater impact: for example, I've seen exclusion of key evidence decide the categories for examinations, closings, objections, and improvisation. These high-stakes moments are realistic. And we know judges tend to prefer this ballot because it makes scoring much easier. The chief drawback is that our ballot doesnít capture margin of victory for a particular performance (If Anya narrowly wins opening, and Bonnie decisively wins closing, those victories are treated as equal). All told, though, we think the benefits are worth it.

    Is the case civil or criminal?
    Will you post teasers about the case?
    No substantive information about the case will be revealed before Opening Ceremony on June 22.

    Who is writing the case? How much experience does he/she/they have?
    I am writing the case for Trial by Combat. Iíve been the primary author of eight mock trial cases and co-author of five others.

    Since the case is only released 24 hours before the competition, will printed copies of the case be made available to competitors? Or should they expect to print them on their own?
    We will provide competitors with printed copies of the case at Opening Ceremony and an electronic copy of the case immediately thereafter.
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      Any update on coach selections?