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    MockAnalysisIsMyDrug No rush! Just thankful you guys even take any time at all to satisfy us nerds!!


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      Man TBC isn’t for two and a half months but y’all want MAIMD to put out an analysis YESTERDAY. Lol y’all wild.


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        If you're interested in judging, you here is the link to register. The tournament is June 22-23 in Philadelphia. We generally limit participation to JDs, but we also welcome law students with mock trial experience and AMTA alums with substantial individual or team success. Let me know if you have any questions.


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          Several people interested in observing the tournament have asked us about the competition schedule. All tournament information, including the schedule, can be found in our Google Drive (linked below and accessible without a password). All trials in the ceremonial courtroom are open to the public. In the other courtrooms, priority is given to coaches and family members, but if there are extra seats those courtrooms are also open to the public.


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            Is Bays going to be removed from TBC?


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              A few updates:

              * The case will be released on Friday, June 21. After the competitors receive it, I will add it to the Google Drive, so the entire community can read it if they like.

              * I've been getting some questions about whether / when pairings will be made public. The answer is, yes, pairings will be public. I'll have more detail on that next week.

              * I've also been getting questions, including one above, about whether our field remains the same. It does.

              * I encourage everyone to watch the final round of Top Gun, which will be this Sunday afternoon. Baylor Law posts the link to the livestream on their website. About a third of the field is former AMTA competitors, so wish them all luck!


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                Justin B. , will you release a list of the coaches for each competitor at any point? I'm very curious to see who some of the competitors bring with them


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                  Originally posted by HeWasMonologuing View Post
                  Justin B. , will you release a list of the coaches for each competitor at any point? I'm very curious to see who some of the competitors bring with them
                  I can't speak for Justin, but we'll be releasing the list of coaches on our TBC preview episode, hopefully out in the next few days!


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                    Originally posted by HeWasMonologuing View Post
                    Justin B. , will you release a list of the coaches for each competitor at any point? I'm very curious to see who some of the competitors bring with them

                    Sabrina Grandhi will be joined by Toby Heytens, the longtime coach of UVA and the Solicitor General of Virginia.

                    Mary-Preston Austin will be coached by former Wheaton star Chris Prescher, who won more than a half dozen individual awards.

                    Sydney Gaskins brings Ben Garmoe, who coaches UMBC and hosts the Mock Review podcast.

                    Christopher Grant will be accompanied by DeLois Leapheart, a member of the AMTA Coaches Hall of Fame.

                    Mike Kleynman will be joined by Rutgers coach Michael Roberts, who helped him during last year’s top five finish.

                    Daniel Elliott will be coached by All-American Connor Hurley, who captained Rhodes B at NCT 2019.

                    Elizabeth Bays will be coached by her father, Tim Bays, who coached her at the inaugural Gladiator and the inaugural Trial by Combat.

                    Steven Torres will be coached by Cornell teammate Hudson Lifflander, who has – by far -- the best name of any coach or competitor involved in this year’s competition.

                    Jonathan Kuang will be joined by Stephen Borello, the fashionable coach from UCLA and outstanding Los Angeles public defender.

                    Stephen Johnson will be coached by his Cincinnati teammate, Julia Greve, who herself has won multiple attorney awards.

                    Claudine Isaac will be coached by Amanda Tuminelli, who won mock trial national titles in college and law school.

                    Sarah Stebbins will be joined by Will Warihay, who is fairly involved in AMTA.

                    Natalie Garson brings Zachary Cloud, the successful coach of Boston University and a trial lawyer in Boston.

                    Regina Campbell will be joined by Samuel Jahangir, who coaches Chicago and works for one of the most prominent law firms in the country.

                    Jack Seigenthaler will be coached by Thom Scher, the CEO of diabetes nonprofit Beyond Type 1 and the coach of two Gladiator champions.

                    Sangeetha Kannan will be coached by Penn State teammate Caitlin Conway, an All-National Attorney Award winner.


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                      Some last minute items:
                      • Right now we have an average of 6.9 judges signed up for each preliminary round.
                      • As a reminder, all trials are open to the public, though we ask that everyone unaffiliated with a competitor watch the trial in the ceremonial courtroom so parents/friends have enough space to find seating in the smaller courtrooms.
                      • All-American Sangeetha Kannan (Penn State) has joined our field of 16. Sadly, Madeline Witte (Miami) had to withdraw.
                      • Kyle Westerfer, six-time attorney award winner from local La Salle University, has generously offered to fill in if we have any further withdrawals.
                      • The case will be released to competitors Friday morning, 24 hours before R1. As soon as the welcome ceremony ends, I will add the case to our public tournament drive. I told the competitors that it's criminal.
                      • Pairings for R1 and R2 will be announced to competitors on Saturday morning. I will try to announce pairings here, as well.
                      • We plan to livestream the awards ceremony and final on Sunday, starting around 2pm. The link should be available here and on the Trial by Combat pages on the UCLA Law and Drexel Law websites.


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                        The case is live!

                        Here's the synopsis:

                        In 2018, television star Rivers Leapheart told police that Leapheart had been beaten by attackers upset with Leapheart’s recent political comments. After investigating, the FBI concluded Leapheart staged the beating for personal gain, and the Government charged Leapheart with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Trial begins June 22, 2019.


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                          Pairings for R1.

                          R1 Pairings.png
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                            Pairings for R2.
                            R2 Pairings.png


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                              R3 pairings.

                              R3 pairings.png


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                                R4 pairings below/attached.

                                R4 pairings.png

                                Here is the link for the livestream. We are planning to start the awards ceremony at 2pm, followed by the final round.

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