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    I thought it could be useful to have a community list of tournament dates and locations to help teams plan the best weekend to host their own invitationals next season. Next year's sheet can be edited by anyone who has knowledge of confirmed tournaments here:

    A quick overview of this past season:

    Fall Tournament Count
    Week 1 (Oct 6): 3
    Week 2: 7
    Week 3: 7
    Week 4: 9
    Week 5: 8
    Week 6: 10
    Week 7: 7
    Week 8 (Dec 1): 11

    Spring Tournament Count
    Week 9 (Jan 12): 3
    Week 10: 3
    Week 11: 11

    There were 17 invitationals with over 25% returning nationals teams, 12 in the fall and 5 in the spring. Only weeks 1 and 4 did not have any, while weeks 3, 6, and 11 tied for the most at 3 apiece.

    California was the most popular state to host in, at 7 total tournaments.
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    Im nitpicky and I am pretty sure week 6 also had 3 tournaments with >25% Nationals:
    Black Squirrel: 63.3% returning nationals
    Peach Bowl: 37.5% returning nationals
    GOT: 41.7% returning nationals

    I also added Scarlet Knight to your list (they never published their tab summary, but it was on November 17-18 last year) - That makes 7 tournaments on week 7.

    Thank you so much for making this though, it is a great idea as a way to centralize and streamline information and help teams who are trying to decide when they are going to host so they can choose a smart date.
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